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Metal Forming Press Cylinder

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Rolling Mill Servo Hydraulic Cylinder

Servo hydraulic cylinder (hereinafter called Servo Cylinder) is an executive component in electro hydraulic servo system or proportional system.To put some force such as pushing, pulling, pressing and twist on some object to control its moving direction, position and deformation. To simply the structure, usually, in the control system, the signal detection, anti-corrosion device, servo valve and proportional valve, etc.are installed on the cylinder to simply the structure.
The inner and outer magnetic type displacement sensor could be installed on the straight reciprocating motion servo cylinder. The Term. Pos.approach switch, pressure transmitter, pressure control, servo and proportional valve seat could be installed on all servo cylinders and the hydraulic control one-way valve, adjustable safety overflow valve and one-way choke valve can be mounted on the valve seat.
We usually use various famous sensors in home and abroad, such as MTS and SCHAEVITZ from America ,BALLUFF and TR from Russia, GIVI from Italy, Japan Mitsubishi,etc.
There are different kinds of sensors to meet your different requirements:magnetic type sensor and speed sensor, LVDT displacement and liner velocity sensor, angular displacement sensor, grating ruler, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, loading sensor, approach switch,stroke switch, photoelectric switch, etc.

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